Al Safran Design provided Parteneer Holding with an ERP solution that facilitated and simplified the management of its resources.

Empower Your Workforce with HRM

HRM functionnality that provides Easy Employee Management for your company. Detailed Employee Profile, Leave Request, Promotion, Increment, Performance Logs, Announcement, Email Notification, HR Report and more!

Each employee has their very own personalized dashboard to know about the latest announcements, needs to wish a colleague or who is out of the office.

Our ERP provides a complete leave management system for your HR. Your employees can request for leave and get a overview of upcoming holidays and remaining leave balances. HR Manager has full control over the leaves and easy reporting is also available.

Need some quick reports for proper decision making?  ERP HRM module can generate graphical reports about the whole company depending on various factors.

Nurture Your Customers
Using Advanced CRM

CRM Functionnality – No Limit On Anything!
Manage your contacts like a pro with easy filtering and live stages, send emails, schedule meetings, calls, create tasks, create segments and much more.

Get a quick surface idea of your company finances with the Dashboard. It updates real-time and covers everything you need. Great for checking time to time.

Customers, vendors and suppliers? Create invoices for anyone, make and take payments from every client and see the data update real-time in your dashboard. All your transactions are easy to read, logged and secure with our solution.

In every section, there are reports for everything. Reports help you to present your numbers better and absorb the information more easily.

Integrated Project Management System

Looking for a perfect project management solution that works as good as your favourite popular solutions but also inexpensive?
We’ve got you covered with essential features for all your business project management needs with the the ERP Project Manager Integration!

See your project overview with due, completed and future to-do’s. See which milestones needs to be completed and who is responsible for each. With the drag-n-drop feature, change the due date.

Sent messages, create to-do lists, to-dos, milestones, and even documents privately if you don’t want other users to see.

ERP Project Manager systems are powering thousands od businesses, with it’s amazing project management functionalities right now. We have integrated Project management and ERP solution to let you manage things in a better way.

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